Changes. Pero a peor.

En Nature hablan de la Ciencia en España! (

Parece que fuera se dan más cuenta de la repercusión que las medidas que ahora se están tomando tendrán sobre nuestro futuro (a todos los plazos)...

Spanish changes are scientific suicide

“The government's irrational and draconian actions will cause long-term Damage to the scientific infrastructure.”
The hiring freeze is suicidal. Researchers who retire will no longer be replaced. Unlike many of its neighbours, Spain has a very limited science and technology industry in which to absorb highly qualified workers, so scientists aged 20–40 years will have no choice but to leave if they want to further their career. The country will therefore face a multigenerational brain drain, with corresponding losses in innovation, inspiration and credibility. The damage from this decision will take decades to reverse.

Mientras, aquí miramos hacia los guiñoles franceses. Por poner uno de los ejemplos con los que aún nos podemos reír. Un aplauso.

David bowie - Changes

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